Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Turning 18 today!!!


Today's my birthday!!! I'm 18! I finally reached the adult age in Mexico. I'm really happy, but sadly I can't go out because of the virus going around in Mexico. No one is allowed to go out of their homes unless is really birthday celebration can wait until all of this clears up a bit. I'm still really thankful for everything that has happened this last year. The best gift I can have is turing another year more year with the ones I love.

God is the one that has protected me until now and he deserves all the glory.

I'm really excited for what this year holds for me....

Oh, because this blog IS about food....I made the jelly donut cupcakes from Veganomicon. AMAZING! They are like magic!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Emily Deschanel says "Meat's not Green"

Almost everyone knows that I'm a big fan of the show Bones, so you could imagine my happiness when Emily Deschanel, the star of Bones, teamed up with PETA. Emily talks about how "Meat is not Green" and how the best thing you could do for the planet is stop eating meat. She also talks about how her going vegan has helped her body tremendously. Can you not love her?! Is awesome to see that there are still people out there that use their fame to help the planet.

Here Emily is in her own words:

The interview:

Do you have any animal companions? I don't have any animal companions right now. My amazing dog Snookie passed away a year ago. She was 17 years old. I miss her. She was super sweet and smart. I'm not ready for another animal in my life right now, especially because I wouldn't have the time to take proper care of them (we work 16- to 17-hour days). I look forward to the day I can bring another animal into my home. They enrich our lives so much! Of course, I would adopt!
What made you decide to go vegan? In high school, a teacher screened the documentary "Diet for a New America" based on the book of the same name. It exposes the dirty business of factory farms: the cruelty that the animals experience, the dangers of a meat-based diet to your health, and the devastating environmental impact. I decided to go vegetarian on the spot with the intention to go completely vegan when I was ready. It took me two years. I've never looked back.
What are some of your favorite vegetarian foods? I love anything Dave Anderson makes at
Madeleine Bistro in Los Angeles, and I love the food at Candle 79 in New York City. I'm obsessed with cookies from Sun Flour Bakery.
I don't really cook for myself right now since my schedule is insane. I look forward to the day I can pick up my
Veganomicon cookbook and go to town!! I also indulge in raw chocolate on a daily basis.
If you could make people wake up to one issue involving animals or one particular form of cruelty to animals, what would it be and what would you wish for? In my experience, the issue that is avoided the most is [raising] animals for food, specifically factory farms. Nothing makes me more upset than when someone says they don't want to know about the horrors going on. Ten billion animals every year in North America have to live and die in horrible ways; the least we can do is hear about it. I have hope, though. More and more people are going veg and vegan. Look at the popularity of
Skinny Bitch and PETA as an organization and how they have changed people's minds about animals and food. It is so much better than it was almost 16 years ago when I made the switch to being vegan.

I have Veganomicon and Diet for a New America too!!!!! She rocks.....if you want to know more about how eating meat affects the enviorment, click here.
Remember to watch Bones every Thursday at 7/8 pm, and make some cookies to snack on while you enjoy the show.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

La Hamburguesa mas jugosa del mundo....y mango como salsa?

Hola! Es bueno estar de nuevo en casa, pero tristemente no podre ir a la escuela por el virus que se encuentra en México, estoy segura de que ustedes saben a que me refiero. Es importante que seamos cuidadosos, y seguir los consejos de los doctores y todo. Hay que orar para que esto se resuelva y aquellos con el virus sean sanados.

Ahora comida!

Tengo dos recetas para ustedes, y ambas son facilisimas. La hamburguesa es jugosisima, le gana a cualquier hamburguesa de animal....y tiene mucho sabor. Y la salsa que acompaña la hamburguesa es dulce pero al mismo tiempo picante, toda una fiesta de sabores en tu boca.

Portobello burger:

1 champiñon portobello

2 cucharadas de salsa de soya

1/2 cucharadita de paprika

1/2 cucharadita de pimienta

1/4 taza de aceite de oliva

1/2 taza de agua

2 dientes de ajo picados

Calienta el horno a 180°C

Mezcla todos los ingredientes en un traste (menos el champiñon), agrega el champiñon y asegurate que este bien cubierto de los líquidos, deja reposar mientras preparas la salsa.

Después de dejar el champiñon por 10 minutos, retiralo y reposalo en papel aluminio. Voltea el portabello de manera que simule un pequeño plato, agrega tantito liquido y cierra el papel aluminio tapando el champiñon. Mete al horno por 20 minutos. Retiralo y sirve en el pan de hamburguesa.

Mango salsa

Yo se que los ingredientes de esta salsa suenan no muy bien juntos pero creanme que saben deliciosos, es bueno cuando nos atrevemos a probar diferentes sabores juntos porque de vez en cuando descubrimos combinaciones muy buenas...como esta!

1 taza de mango picado

1/2 cebolla morada, picada

1/2 taza de cilantro picado

1 cucharadita de polvo de ajo

1 cucharadita de sal

1 jalapeño picado (sin semillas)

1/2 cucharadita de pimienta

Revuelve y listo!

Yo agregue la salsa dentro de mi hamburguesa. Deliciosa! Y acompañe mi hamburguesa con papas de camote.

Bueno eso es todo por hoy....oh mañana, la verdad no se a que hora estoy subiendo este post.

Recuerden de tener cuidado con lo del virus....todos podemos prevenirlo.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Once Upon a Time....In DisneyWorld


Hey guys! Sorry for being so lazy with the blog, but I'm back on track now.

Oh my God, I have to tell you about the amazing food I got to try on Disney World. I read that they were vegan friendly but I had no idea how much they really were.

I'll try not to make this post long, but I make no promises.

The first day there we didn't dine on a resturant because we were using the disney dining plan and we used one dinner to eat on the Cinderella Castle, I know, how cool is that? So the first day we ate a veggie burger with fries on Hollywood studios. It was delicious! Who knew they had veggie burgers?!

I know I'm a messy eater.

The next day we went to Epcot. You know, the park about the future. For me Epcot translates to "Every Person Comes Out Tired", haha, but it was very fun! Lunch that day was the vegetarian platter in an asian stand inside the "Seasons" which is the place in Epcot that has soaring and other rides. Man, I loved this dish, it was very tasty...oh, and I was so happy when the four persons standing before me in line ordered the same thing.

That night we had dinner in, not that France. You know how Epcot has a part were they have a lot of countries lined up and you get to "visit" them. Well, most of them have resturants, we had dinner in France. Let me tell you that the waitress was the sweetest thing ever, she was so nice and assured me that she was going to talk to the chef about what he could make for me (because I'm vegan, and there were only vegetarian dishes and meat dishes on the menu). She returned and told me that the chef was very happy to make me a rataouille and a salad on the side. I happily ordered that. She returned with a big plate with the rataouille and a beautiful green bean salad. The tomatos were the star of this dish, I don't know what they put in them but it was some sort of acid that just made the flavor explode in your mouth, I couldn't stop raving about this dish. Oh and for dessert I had a strawberry sorbet, delicious!

The next day was back to Hollywood studios to finish up the rest of the rides, I even got on the tower of terror, between you and me I almost peed myself, but it was fun hehe.

Lunch that day was a great eggplant sandwhich with sundried tomato pesto and a bean salad on the side. Amazing!

Dinner was so much fun that day. We went into a resturant that had like cars lined up and your family got into one while an old movie played on a big screen, oh and the waiters had roller skates on, it was so much fun! Dinner was delicious that day too. I ordered a mango glazed tofu on top of wild rice. I thought the dish was going to be sweet because of the mango but was pleasantly surprised when the dish was savory and full of flavor. This dish would convince any tofu haters out there (MOM!)

Oh I forgot to tell you about the pretzels. Disney has two vegan pretzels, the regular pretzel is vegan, who knew?! And they also have a cinnamon apple stuffed pretzel that is just heaven. I tried both and they were great. Oh and the popcorn in disney is also vegan.

The next day was my sister's birthday. 15!!! That's like having your sweet sixteen in Mexico, so it was a big deal. We had dinner at the Cinderella Castle. We were actually inside and were greeted by Cinderella herself (you know what I mean) and got a picture, she was really nice. My cousin, Mariana, also got to have dinner with us and that made it even more special. This was one good night because I got to meet the chef, he came out to explain was he could make for me. I just have a thing for chefs, I was more excited when I saw a chef than when I saw Mickey (I know I'm a big dork). Chefs make art on every dish and that's awesome!

I had a pasta dish with ALOT of gralic, that was great because I love garlic. Oh, it also had asparagus!

For dessert I had a rasberry sorbet, delicious and so refreshing. I also had a salad before the entree but I forgot to take a picture, besides I was the only one taking pictures at food....weird.

The next day we went to Animal Kingdom, it's my favorite park! I love seeing all the animals, and I love it because they are not in cages. Because the Animal Kingdom closes sooner than other parks that night we went to Downtown Disney....and oh my God, we saw "La Nouba" by Cirque du Soleil. It was the most amazing show I've ever seen in my life! So much talent. We got to sit in the very first row, we had the show right in front of us and it was just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I really don't know why circuses with animals still exist, if you want to know more about why animals in circus is cruel click here.

After that incredible show we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner. I got to meet a chef there too! She was so nice and walked me through the menu. I ordered a hot and sweet kind of pasta dish. It was spicy!!!! But the falvors were right on.

I'm going to cry as I continue to write because I'm comming to the end of the trip. The next day we went to Magic Kingdom in the morning and I had tofutti Ice cream, yep, they have vegan icecream. They also had Rice Dream.

At night we went to Epcot and had dinner in the "Rose and Crown" which is the resturant featured in England. This was the best dinner ever! I'm serious, if you go to disney world you have to go to this resturant. We got seated on the outside of the resturant and got an amazing view into the lake that was presenting the fireworks show, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I ordered the vegetable curry and it was so amazing that I can't even put it into words. The vegetables were roasted, the suace was not spicy at all but did had a great flavor.

Our waiter was a vegetarian and he was very nice. Here's a conversation with him,

Me: I'm a vegan

Waiter: Vegan? Okay, let me walk you through the menu

Me: I'll have the vegetable curry

Waiter: Vegans don't eat milk, right?

Me: No

Waiter: Oh (sad face), I'm sorry, that has coconut milk in it.

Me: I'm okay with that

Hahahahahaha, it was funny, well, at least I laughed.

Here's the dish.

Comming to an end....the last day we went to Magic Kingdom. We had lunch in "Pirata y el Perico" which is a "Mexican" resturant. We all know that what they serve is not Mexican at all but it is tasty. I had the vegetarian tacos with rice.

For dinner we went to a resturant which served like a Thanksgiving feast. We talked to the waiter (he was cute!) and he talked to the chef and they made us an opened face vegetable pot pie. It was full of flavor and vegetables. The buiscuits were amazing as well, there was one on the top and one on the bottom. I finished every bit of it.

That's pretty much it. It was a great trip and I love the fact that I got to spend time with my family....and I obviously loved the food!

I did eat more things than the ones in this post that were also vegan but I didn't take pictures. You really built up an appetite when walking around in Disney.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey, I'm still here!!!


Oigan, sigo aquí eh. Hahaha, perdón que no he podido comunicarme y seguir con el blog pero es que el Internet cuesta extra en disney así que no he podido conectarme muy seguido.

Recibí varios correos de ustedes muy lindos....gracias, con suerte podre responderlos llegando a la casa.

Tengo muchas recetas y muchos platillos que compartir con ustedes. La comida aquí esta deliciosa, es importante que cada vez que atiendas un restaurante no te de pena compartir con el mesero tus necesidades alimentarias. Aquí se han portado mejor que bien, los meseros no te hacen cara simplemente dicen que van a hablar con el chef, y me ha tocado conocer dos chefs muy lindos que se tomaron el tiempo de salir de la cocina para conversar conmigo acerca de lo que puedo comer o lo que ellos me pueden preparar.

Volveré a escribir en el blog y compartir recetas en unos días, espero que todos sigan disfrutando de sus vacaciones y el tiempo con las personas que aman.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

American....I mean, Mexican pie?

Como prometí aquí esta la receta para la masa de los pays, sirve para cualquier sabor....incluso salados.

Receta para masa de pay,

1 taza de harina

1/2 taza de manteca vegetal...o 1/2 taza de margarina

1/4 taza de agua

(si quieres un pay dulce agrega 2 cucharadas de azúcar)

Corta la manteca dentro de la harina....esto quiere decir que lo tienes que incorporar con tus manos (esta bien si queda en pedazos juntos), debes tener la consistencia de arena un poco mojada. Agrega lentamente el agua. Y listo!

Esta receta rinde para solo la parte de abajo del pay, si quieres un pay que también se cubra duplica la receta.

Ahora si, la noticia que les iba a decir......

I'm going to disney world!! I'm so excited to spend time with my family there....but I do have to admit that I'm also very excited about trying good vegan food. We called the disney people and told the resturants about our diet preferences (vegan) and they were totally cool about it, they told us that the chef was able to prepare special vegan dishes for us. That's the disney magic people...that, and a pumpkin shaped like mickey.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Get whipped!!!

Acabo de regresar de un campamento de 3 días de la Iglesia. Tuve que llevar mi propia comida, así que empaque panes integrales, crema de cacahuate, varios tipos de galletas y leche de soya.
La verdad eso es todo lo que necesitas para sobrevivir unos días en un campamento....oh, también lleve mi "atun" vegano. Mi hermana y yo aguantamos muy bien y tuvimos energía para todo el viaje, aparte también nos dieron fruta y eso ayudo. En otras noticias, les tengo una nueva receta que esta entre mis "10 mejores".

Cuando paseábamos por las filas de los supermercados yo le rogaba a mi mama a que comprara la crema batida dulce, le rogaba, no es broma haha. Pero siempre decía que no, así que cuando por pura casualidad había en la casa era mi máximo. Después me hice vegan y la verdad no había tenido un antojo por ella hasta que hice un pay de cereza unos días atrás.

Yo se que los ingredientes en esta receta parecen un poco raro pero es importante que los uses y que sigas las instrucciones.

Vegan whipped cream (crema batida):

2 latas de leche de coco. (las venden en HEB en la fila de los productos asiáticos)

1/2 taza de azúcar glas

Lo primero que tienes que hacer es meter las latas al refrigerador y dejarlas ahí toda la noche. Cuando estés listo para usarlas, sacalas del refrigerador y perfora con cuidado el fondo de las latas (todo el agua se ira, y quedara la grasa del coco...), retira las grasas y ponlas en un traste (el cual estuvo en el conjelador por 1 hora mínima), bate con tu batidora (también debiste haber metido el instrumento con el que vas a batir 1 hora en el conjelador). Cuando las dos grasas estén incorporadas agrega la azúcar glas poco a poco. Sirve inmediatamente sobre tu pay preferido o tu postre de nieve.

Mañana tengo buenas noticias acerca de mis vacaciones pero las compartire con ustedes hasta mañana, y también les voy a compartir la receta para la masa del pay, y así pueden hacer cuantos pays quieran.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lunch at the other side of the world....


No pensé que hubiera una mejor manera de celebrar la noticia que comparti con ustedes en el post anterior que con una buena comida Hindú. Así es, decidí hacer toda una comida basada en la India, y dejen me decirles que no puedo estar mas feliz con los resultados.

Les voy a compartir una receta riquisima, Chana Masala. Nombre raro, ¿no?, bueno es porque Chana significa garbanzo y es el ingrediente esencial en este platillo. Es muy popular principalmente en el Punjab y es ampliamente consumido en el Noreste de la India, en las regiones de Guyarat y Sidh, se sirve sobre pan o arroz.

Ingredientes para Chana Masala,

2 cucharadas de aceite
1 cebolla mediana, picada
1 diente de ajo, picado
1 cucharada de curry en polvo
1 lata de garbanzos (guarda 3 cucharadas del liquido)
1/2 cucharada de jugo de limón
1/2 cucharadita de sal
1 cucharada de ketchup
pimienta al gusto
1 cucharada de margarina
Y algo que se llama "red pepper flakes", la verdad no se como se llaman en español pero son los chilitos deshidratados que te dan para la pizza.

Calienta el aceite en un sartén, agrega la cebolla. Cuando la cebolla empieza a transparentarse agrega el ajo, curry y la ketchup. Deja 2 minutos. Agrega los garbanzos, las 3 cucharadas del liquido, jugo de limón, sal y pimienta. Agrega los "red pepper flakes" a tu gusto. Agrega la margarina para que se derrita. Deja por 5 minutos mas al fuego para que el garbanzo se suavice.
Sirve sobre arroz blanco, caliente.

¿Mencione que era una receta muy barata? Pues lo es!
Yo acompañe el Chana Masala con hummus (hecho por mi) y una ensalada de papa con espinaca. Todo estubo riquisimo y listo en media hora.
En otras noticias, una amiga fue a la India hace poco y vi sus fotografías y todas estaban hermosas. La ropa tenia mil colores, de verdad que es un lugar que me gustaría llegar a conocer.

I still can't believe it!!!!


Hey guys! I can't explain how excited I am right now, really, I have a smile from ear to ear.

Well, let me start.....

A couple of weeks back I sent my internship application to PETA. I was really excited but I had to be patient, the weeks went by and I didn't hear a response so I thought I didn't get it. My whole family was a little sad because I have been saving for quite a while to go intern at PETA.

Anyways, yestarday I finished tutoring a kid and his mom called to tell me she was stuck in traffic and if the kid could stay with we a while longer, I agreed. I went for my ipod (I have no idea as to what a 6 grader likes) thinking we could play something. I noticed that I had two new emails, I click "inbox" and there it is, an email from PETA. One part of me was really excited to open it and the other part was really scared, what if I didn't get it? I slowly opened it, as I read I started to jump in my chair. I got the internship. I got up and I have to be honest, I started hitting the poor kid (I hit when I'm excited...hehe. Don't worry it wasn't anything serious), then I went on and jumped on the couches. I know, how embarrassing, but when I'm really happy I can't hide it.

I'm very excited because I've been saving for quite some time now for this, so being accepted is just wonderful. Of course that when I think about it I get teary...okay, so I don't get teary but it makes me remember when I first started being vegetarian. I was in high school and I remember browsing through the PETA page and there was something about internships...I thought it would be so cool to intern but I was 16 at the time and they only accept people 18 or older, still I saw the possibily of going very far away.....but now it's happening!!! I'm excited to learn about animal rights, I want to become a better activist and be more helpful around my community when it comes to animal rights.

In other news, I went to the US for a quick trip and I brought back some goodies. Here they are...

A diary so that I can keep all my recipes organaized
Don't judge me, I wanted to get some new books and these two just happened to be on sale... but I have to be honest, I'm really enjoying confessions of a shopaholic and I've never even seen the movie.

VegNews. LOVE this magazine!

You will probably notice that I'm more than excited to try some stuff but that's only because sometimes it can be hard to find these ingridients in Mexico.

I suppose that's all. I'll post another recipe very soon, maybe even today.

Take care!!!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Say what?!

I've given up on being vegan. I miss meat.


Of course I will never give up on being vegan, and by no means do I miss meat. C'mon, being vegan is one of the best decisions in my life. Just wanted to play along on the April Fool's thing. Check out what peta2 played on us....

Rocking that fur free body Mr. President. Hahaha.....
Well, as I've told you I haven't given up on my vegan life and will be posting another vegan recipe very soon.