Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanking the Monkey


I'm so excited right now....
First let me tell you about my day. Today was my first day back at school, I'm kind of sad because I have the same teachers as before but other than that, I'm fine.
I come home and check the blog and I see that someone left a comment on one of post, I see who it is and I almost was Karen Dawn!!!
Karen Dawn is the author of the book "Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the way we treat animals". Which is an amazing book. The book is a guide to everything animal rights related. I find it to be quite helpful for people who are just starting to get the interest in helping animals.
Thanking the Monkey is a fun, but at the same time insightful book about animal rights. I've read a couple of books about animal rights, and this is by far the one I recommend the most to people who want to know a little more about animal rights. The reason why, is because this book will keep their interest, and will help her(him) become a better activist.
If you want to learn more about the book and the author please visit

She probably doesn't know how much it means to me that she left a comment on the blog, I'm such a fan of hers. I wish I could attend one of the readings but they are very, very far away from where I live.
Please visit the page and get the book, I really recommend it.

Oh, in other news....I sold a lot of vegan cupcakes today in college. I'm so happy because that money is going to help PETA, and also because people are really liking vegan food! So, yeah, that's pretty cool hehe.

Check back soon because I'm going to share a vegan chili and cornbread recipe to celebrate Obama!

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Sharon H. said...

Oye annie vi que fuiste a unas clases de cocina y me preguntaba si tenias la receta de las Samosas!? jajaa bueno o las empanaditas que salen en la foto :P jajaja bueno ahi me avisas
mi mail es para que no batalles si si la tienes :P