Sunday, December 28, 2008

On the twelfth day of Christmas...and a couple of days later

Hey!! I'm back!
I had a great Christmas this year, I got to go to the U.S to spend time with my family that lives there. I slept over in my cousin's house along with the rest of the older cousins. It was very nice to see them for three days straight because I usually never get to spend that much time with them, because they live so far away.
One thing that I thought I was going to regret was the fact that I didn't plan on what I was going to eat in my time there....I didn't even plan what I was going to eat on Christmas dinner. But I didn't regret it after all! One of my cousins (I stayed in her house) just became vegan, and she had a whole menu planned out for us. When we arrived at her house she had just come from the supermarket so I got to help her a bit with the food preparation. And I got a lot of videos...of course, I'll just post a few.
The plate you see on the video is completely vegan, that was our menu for Christmas dinner. A creamy pasta made from cashews, garlic mashed potatoes, portabello mushrooms, and of course, a colorful salad. Oh, and very good bread! My cousin went on extreme lengths to protect that bread from the non vegan family members....I don't blame her, it was really good bread.

We sang, went bowling, attempted to visit a graveyard at midnight just for the fun of it (we got lost), watched a movie, watched the food network haha, and ate a lot!! But most important, we got to spend time together.

In these video Tony, the youngest one of all plays music with my cans of no- chicken vegan soups. Isn't he adorable???

On the last day before we headed home mom, dad, my sister and I went to have lunch at Chili's. One of my aunts (who is on her way to becoming a vegetarian) gave us a gift card as a Christmas present, she told me that Chili's had a great all bean vegan burger. So, I was more than happy to try it. I didn't get pictures, but it was AMAZING! The dish becomes vegan if you ask the waiter to leave the ranch dressing off and to serve the veggies without parmessan cheese.

In this video one of my cousins tries to eat a slice of bread in less than 30 seconds.

Patricio, one of the youngest was very excited to take his turn with the piñata, until the piñata took a life of its own.

I hope you had a great Christmas as well.

"Any religion which is not based on a respect for life is not a true religion... Until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace."

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Anonymous said...

eiii ani!! Soy Tatianaa tu primaaa! ajaja a wiwiiss q buen bloooog primaaa !! estoi orgullosa d ti!! spero ke stes bnn, no sabia cual es tu correin pense ke era el d mi tio polo jaja pero ia me di cuenta ke no! t agregareeee al msnnn pra ke me aceptes sino tu acpetamee!! jajaj y ahorita me staba kajeteando d risa x el video de patricio ke se dio en la mais JAJJAJA ok ok ! deja t agrego!! ke chidooooo hazme d comer tengoh ambreee, eiii volvi a hacer esa pastita d cashews pero ahora con thyme y albahaca sekaa, y rottini integral GUAUU ke delichos!! x cierto las bbq ribs d soi ke dejaron staban muuy buenaaas !!jajaa yUMO como dice tu heroina Rachael Ray.. jjaja ok ok deja t agrego ahora siiI!