Saturday, November 29, 2008


Sorry, I could not help myself with the title.
This thanksgiving was great for many reasons...
One of them was that we had an all vegan thanksgiving, I know! I can't believe it either. What we first had in mind is that I was going to cook for my sister and I while my parents got to eat some dead animal, as most people do on thanksgiving. I'm not sure what happened but all of my family decided to eat vegan for thanksgiving, they told me that I was in charge of the cooking and whatever it is that I cooked that was going to be served.
I was very excited, but nervous at the same time. At first I thought that maybe I could let them have some cheese or something like that, but something inside of my was just disgusted by the idea of serving something I wouldn't eat. So, the menu was completely vegan.Vegan stuffing, baked/fried eggplant, nice salad, mash potatoes with gravy.

Even the dessert was vegan...I got a little bit carried away, and made three different desserts, hehe.

Vegan carrot cake, vegan pumpkin pie, and you guessed it, vegan apple pie.

I had a lot of fun cooking for my family, and it was nice seeing that everyone was on board about honoring God's creation this thanksgiving.
Oh, just before we were about to eat, a family that we just are getting to know appeared on our home, they passed by to return something we had lend to them, we decided to invite them for dinner. I really enjoyed sharing thanksgiving with them, we shared great memories. Plus, they said the food was delicious, so it I'm happy that they got to eat a vegan meal, and that they enjoyed it.

I'm thankful because of many things, but I'm just going to name few.
1.- My family. I'm thankful that I'm lucky to have them with me, that includes my grandmother which I love very much and my guinea pig.
2.- My friends. I'm so happy to have my friends back in Monterrey, and I'm thankful because I've made friends in college which I love very much.
3.- I'm thankful because I believe strongly in being vegan, and God has really helped me through this, I've learned so much through this new lifestyle. First of all I have a new appreciation for life, I've learned that I can commit to whatever it is I believe in, and I've found myself through this.
4.- As I said in the previous number, I've found myself. I didn't know what I wanted to do with the my life, I have to admit that I was a bit lost. Now I know that I want to dedicate my life to help promote animal rights. I have a passion for it, and I'm thankful because I had been looking for something in which I could be useful and that I truly believed in, and I finally found it.
5.- Last but not least, I'm thankful for all of you!!! Thanks to all the amazing bloggers who inspire me so much, and that are so kind to answer all my question about recipes and more. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

I want to thank everyone who reads all of my randomness in this blog :)

I promise to post the vegan pumpkin pie recipe tomorrow.

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