Friday, November 7, 2008

Give thanks for all living creatures...including the turkey.

Thanksgiving is getting closer, and closer, and to be honest I can’t keep myself of trying new recipes to serve on that favorite holiday of mine.
If you ask people what they would normally serve in their thanksgiving dinner, they will sadly and most probably say turkey.
I’m proud to say that I will not be eating or contributing in anyway to the suffering of turkeys in factory farms.
-Turkeys are animals with incredible characteristics. Wild turkeys can flay at speeds up to 50 miles per hour and run at speeds of up to 15 miles per our. Why have that fast bird just sitting on a plate?
-Turkeys, just as humans, have their own way of attracting someone they like. The males attract females with their wattles, colorful flaps of skin around their necks, and turfs of bristles that hand from their chests. Why keep such a romantic being in a plate?
-Turkeys have strong relationship with their families; they can recognize each other after years of not seeing each other. These birds are very bonded to their young; a mother turkey will courageously defend her family against predators. We should be imitating those kinds of behaviors, not eating them!
-Turkeys have the capacity to remember even our faces! They will sit closer to you as they get to know you. Any being that has the interest of getting to know me deserves my respect, and not my plate.

Think about this.
Use this holiday to give thanks to all the living creatures, not mattering in which form they come in.
Turkeys can remember your face. At least you can remember not to eat them.

Visit for more information, and visit for some delicious cruelty free thanksgiving recipes.

4 comments: said...

I went to a farm sanctuary recently where I was fortunate to meet three turkeys that escaped -- they were sweet and quite smart and funny... they didnt have their beeks :( but they were happy to live free at the farm. They were white and so beautiful.

Ann22 said...

I know! Turkeys are smart and people don't realize it, they are beautiful and playful.
You are lucky to have had the opportunity to spend time with them, I bet you had a great time. =)

Toño Hernández said...

Que onda, anny, oye pasame un correo donde mandarte las invitaciones de los eventos contra el túnel y de paso mandarte las fotos de tu y Damaris colectando firmas.

Mañana tenemos evento,a lo mejor estas en clase, es a las 12, lo puse en blog-flickr.


Steve Maggio said...
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