Thursday, June 11, 2009

30 Cookbooks & 4 Journals

This is not a post related to any recipe or the vegan lifestyle.

This post is about my grandmother and her 30 cookbooks and 4 journals.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my grandmother is really sick at the hospital. I just came from seeing her and I can't stop the tears falling down my cheeks and over the keyboard.
Today I was looking for something in the closet in the basement and I found a box that I couldn't move because it was really heavy. I thought that maybe it would be easier to move it if I took something out of it. I was pretty sure that it was going to be some tools from my dad, but I was totally surprised when I found books with pretty food covers. I forgot completely what I was looking for, instead I sat on the floor and started looking at each book.
When I opened the first book a couple of papers fell, I picked them up and recognized the writing , it was clearly my grandmother's writing.

I read each recipe in awe, they were obviously not vegan, but the recipes were complex and looked mouthwatering. I continued reading the books and looking at the pictures. In between the 30 cookbooks I found 4 journals, all of them filled with her own recipes in her own handwriting. I wanted to cry but I didn't want to ruin her papers. She had salads, soups, entrees, cakes, cookies, and more...
I quickly ran upstairs for my own green journal. Somehow I managed to carry the heavy box to my room. I looked at each journal with my own journal next to them.
She can't talk anymore so she never told me she had journals with her own recipes.
I've discovered that I have alot more in common with my grandmother than I thought. I can tell that she put a lot of love into her recipes, and I want to do that too. Everytime I write in that green journal I'm going to think of my grandmother, and how big of a blessing she is.

Please keep praying for the lady with the 30 cookbooks and 4 journals.

Those are the cookbooks and journals...and the green one joining them is mine.


Sharon H. said...

Aw! casi lloro mientras leia! :(
yo nunca tuve la oportunidad de tener una relacion con mis abuelos...
y me pone ralmente triste y me afecta mucho cuando sé que el abuelito de alguien mñas esta enfermo...

mis plegarias estan con ella annie

andrea said...

órale, son un chorro !
ojalá y puedas veganizar algunas :p

espero no sólo que tu abuelita esté mejor, sino que tu también te sientas mejor.
saludos : )

kittee said...

lo siento por el espanol malo, aprendio and necesito mas practicando. encontro su blog and me gusta mucha, especialamente este thread. mis abuelos se muerte aluganos anos pasado, pero tengo y cherish sus notas de recetas tambien. estas notas are de mi corazon, me encantan con me toda. soy vegana tambien, y me gusta a veganize las recetas.

espero que tu abuelita este mejor, tambien.

beso y abrazos

Almendra Damián said...

HOla annie, espero que tu abue esté mucho mejor. =)