Thursday, May 14, 2009

Food, Friends and Good TV....

Lately I've been trying a couple of recipes from Veganomicon. Man, I love this book! There are so many recipes for every occasion! Some of the ingredients may seem hard to find in Mexico but you just have to take a closer look on your can find almost everything.

Here are some of the pictures about the recipes....

I also made two recipes from PETA's Vegan College Cookbook. I tried the chocolate cake recipe (didn't take a picture because it was gone before I could get my camera out) and the sausage dip. Both were great! The book offers a lot of recipes that are easy to make and great for first time vegans. I want the book...but I have no money hehe. I'll save up until I can buy it.

Because of the stupid swine flu we have to wear masks everywhere we go in Mexico, so I couldn't let my cookie jar go unprotected. Everytime you open him to get a cookie he screams "Alto! Alejese de las galletas", which means "Stop, get away from the cookies!" hahahaha.

Now some pictures about the time my church went to preach on a park. We were trying to get across to the kids so we dressed up as clowns. We really didn't look like clowns, we just looked like girls with really bad makeup. But it was fun!

We were trying to figure out clown names...and of course, the vegan gets the name "carrot". In the picture I'm the orange one with leaves comming out of her hair hahaha...the carrot!

Someone is eating the carrot!!!

I'm very excited because tonight is the season finale of Bones! I love that show....

Support the show and watch the amazing episode tonight at 7/8 on FOX.

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